About Us

Diamonds For Sincere Heart Felt Emotions

Nothing communicates sincerity like a laboured acronym, and on the evidence of the heading above, we’ve set the bar pretty high on that score. In our dealings with clients, we emphasize our unshakeable belief that the word “diamond” is also an acronym, for Drowning in Amorousness, My Organs Need Draining. As a declaration of love, you could hardly do better than that — and that’s why the gift of a diamond can satisfy you both, in so many ways.

As an end product, our diamond accessories are in a class by themselves. But what about the rest of the process, before the diamond makes it onto your loved one’s body? You’ll be glad to know that sincere, heartfelt emotions also form the core of every step along the way — from the diamond mines to the cutter’s studio to the production room, where the diamonds are finally set into our latest designs to become finely-crafted artistry, ready for the spotlight.

The mining company boss, in an effort to squeeze every last drop of work out of his coolies, drenches them in a verbal torrent of pure love. And the miners themselves reciprocate that genuine affection when they pick up their single-digit daily pay-checks. Our assembly-line workers stay on the floor for hours at a time without bathroom breaks, just to sort and choose the right diamonds for each piece — but we know that on their minds at all times is just a single word: Love. And in our warehouse, where your orders are processed, bagged, boxed, scanned and shipped out, ecstatic glee is the prevailing emotion among the workers, day in and day out. “It’s just an integral part of what we are, and what we do,” says Naomi Roux, shipping manager at our central location in South Africa. When she speaks, her eyes shine radiantly, like diamonds. We wonder if she is OK.