Wedding Rings

Choose Elegant and Sparkling Engagement Rings

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Wedding Rings

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Wedding rings are considered to be some of most romantic, most meaningful gifts that a woman can ever have. It symbolizes the acceptance of marriage and an everlasting union with the man she loves.

While an engagement ring conveys a single meaning, the variety of styles is endless. To simplify, here are some of the most common classic designs of such rings.

1. Solitaire
A solitaire ring consists of a single diamond, cut round, and mounted on an equally single band. The design is renowned for its simplicity. Because of the simple design, a solitaire ring complements any woman’s hand.

2. Princess cut
Some brides love classic rings but prefer a bit of distinction. A square diamond, called a princess cut, is a good choice for those who want a bit of flair without going over. Many celebrities have popularized this style.

3. Big rocks
Sometimes, it is not the design that matters but the size of the diamond. Rings with large rocks will make them jump with joy. Guys planning to purchase big-rock rings should consult with a reputable jeweller because there are many factors involved in finding the diamond of the right carat, clarity, cut, and colour.

Engagement Rings

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4. Tiffany setting
A Tiffany mount features a set of prongs, usually called a crown or a claw, attached to the band. The prong holds a diamond up, showing its entirety. Because the diamond is not embedded in the band, it allows light to shine through, making it sparkle.

5. Three-stones
As its name implies, this type of ring  features three diamonds lined up in a row. The diamonds may symbolize something such as the past, present, and future of the marriage, or perhaps the ubiquitous three-word phrase of affection, “I love you.”

6. Split shank
The split shank design splits the band in half at the centre, widening the focal point of the diamond. The widened part can accommodate a large diamond, precious stones, and other details.

7. Embedded
An engagement ring may have an embedded diamond inside the band, thus the design is simple and straightforward. Typically, it looks similar to a normal wedding band except for the embedded diamond.

Choose the best diamond rings with these designs in mind.

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