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Choosing a Special Antique Engagement Ring for a Special Someone

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This is what I said to my friends: the most thrilling moment of my life was when I presented my girlfriend of 8 years a beautiful, extra-special antique engagement ring. However, deep inside me, the real thrill is actually the time when I went out to choose the best one among many antique engagement rings for her. My sweet and beautiful girlfriend has a very special place in my heart, so it is only fair to exert money, time, and effort to find her the best ring.

perfect engagement rings

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I have to say that it was the most gruelling shopping experience I ever had. I won’t give you the details of what I went through as it would probably constitute several pages. It’s suffice to say that by the time I was done with the task, I promised myself never to get into a situation where I have to re-marry again.

I’m just thankful that I had a good friend, an antique dealer, who shared some tips in acquiring the right antique engagement ring for someone special. Yes, it is difficult, but I strongly believe it would be a nightmare if I went through the tasks without following these tips:

Tips in Buying a Vintage Engagement Ring

* Notwithstanding sentimental value and soulful meaning, know why an antique engagement ring is more special than a contemporary ring. A vintage ring tends to have gems of better quality. Additionally, the ring’s settings are usually more intricate than its contemporary counterpart. These elaborate details make it difficult to replicate an antique ring. It is evident that lots of effort, passion, and love have been put into the creation of the piece.

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* When choosing an antique ring, ask the “age” of the ring, that is, the time it got forged until the present time. To be categorized as a true antique, the ring must be at least half a century old. Any earlier than that and the ring is classified as a contemporary, or estate, ring.

* Choose an antique right that was cut by hand. This is evident at first glance; the gems in older rings look more unique and tailored. On the other hand, modern rings have gems that are cut via laser. If you’re not sure, ask a professional jeweller to help you determine the cut.

* Decide if you want to get a ring from a certain historical period. When a jeweller suggests to you a Victorian ring, he is referring to a piece of jewellery made between 1835 and 1900. Edwardian era jewellery are made from 1900 to 1920. Art deco rings are forged from 1920 to 1930.

* Check the clarity of the antique ring’s gem. In a nutshell, the clearer the stone is, the more valuable the ring. But don’t just settle for clear diamonds. Also look for other gems that match your partner’s personality. When I chose my ring, I also considered pieces with rubies, aquamarines, topazes, and other gems.

* Determine the carat rating in vintage engagement rings. Vintage rings usually feature gems with larger carat ratings. Modern rings, on the other hand, feature smaller rings. In such rings, the settings are designed so that a small gem will appear larger.

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