Why Colour is Very Important in Choosing a Diamond

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Of all the four criteria in the 4 Cs for choosing a diamond, colour is one of the most important aspects. Colour refers to the lack of colour in a diamond. It is a grade for its whiteness. A colour grade of Z is the lowest and a colour grade of D is the highest possible grade.


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Colour manifests itself in a diamond as a pale yellow. The higher the grade the more white the diamond tend to be after cutting the raw stone. Why is colour one of the most important aspects in grading a diamond? It is because of the human eye. We tend to associate diamonds with clarity and whiteness. The more white it is, the purer and higher the grade for the diamond.

What kind of colour is suited for you?

For the purist, a grade of D – F with no trace of yellow can be found. If there is only a trace, it can only be found by a trained gemologist.

For a good quality diamond with no trace of colour that can be seen to the unaided eye, it’s between G – I.

As diamond sizes increase, colour tends to be more noticeable. The smaller the size, the more whiteness can be seen on the diamond.

Diamond cuts are important as they reflect light. Princess and round cuts also exude more whiteness.

The type of metal in which the diamond is set is also important. It can complement the color of the diamond and enhance the diamond itself.

Set the diamonds with grade I – J in yellow gold and from G – H in in white gold or platinum setting.

color diamonds

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Here are the other guides:

Z – N Noticeable colour

M – K Noticeable colour

J – I Near colourless. A value buy with a slight tone or warmth

H – G Near Colourless. Colour is difficult to detect unless placed side by side with another diamond.

F – E Colourless. Colour is difficult to detect without the use of lenses and a trained eye of a gemologist.

D Absolutely Colourless. A very rare diamond.

With these guides you can now start shopping for the diamond ring of your choice.

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