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Feminine Individuality – Still A Girl’s Best Friend

Here at, we eat, sleep and breathe diamonds. We revel in them. No conversation about diamonds fails to excite us to our core. Our image of the perfect world pretty much centres on everybody talking about diamonds all the time. That’s why we’d love to hear from you regarding any question or concern you might have about our products, or in fact even if you’d just like to chat with us for a while about how great diamonds are. It’s a topic that can never truly be exhausted.

We feel that, if society would just go away and leave us in peace, every girl’s thoughts would naturally return to diamonds. It’s part of who we are, and we don’t feel shy about expressing it. That’s why, at bottom, this website is truly a labor of love, and it’s probably also why our labourers in the diamond mines keep collapsing after 16-hour shifts underground. The doctors say that it’s all due to overwork, but it seems to us that they simply collapse from happiness. Because they know that the fruits of all their efforts goes straight towards helping women around the world express their individual femininity in a way that speaks directly to their deepest feelings about themselves. Men can have dogs if they like; for us, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

Imagine if you can, an entire football field full of desks, telephones and computers, and starry-eyed girls sitting at every one of them, just waiting for your phone call or e-mail so that they can tell you more about our diamonds. That’s the behind-the-scenes reality of, and why we’ve sky rocketed up to become the market leader in internet sales, regardless of what actual business analysts, with their fancy “facts” and “statistics”, might tell you. Jealousy, as anyone who wears diamonds knows, tends to cloud the judgement of all those around you.

Speaking of which: Isn’t it time people started getting jealous of you, rather than the other way around? Why not go ahead and treat yourself to a real step up in the world? You know you deserve it. If money is an issue, it shouldn’t be. Talk to us and we’ll tell you all kinds of different ways to separate your man from his money, so that you can buy more diamonds for yourself.

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