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Echoing Gwen Stefani – If I was A Rich Girl

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best fashion style

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I just adore thrift shopping. It has always been something I enjoy with my family and friends. I am a “fashionista” and I love clothes and accessories. My top favorites are rings, antique ones especially. I love how rustic looking it is and brassy feel to it. It isn’t that expensive as what you think, it looks awesome and the prices can be negotiable.

I am such a girly girl, yet my fashion style is more on bohemian looking and hipster feel, weird right?  Even my hair is very hipster. It’s that curly, brown, “ombre” style. I have a lot of accessories. I guess I take my love for these things from my mom. She has a lot and I mean a lot of girly things. The woman even has a freaking walk in closet and I have a normal looking plain old pink one with over flowing clothes.

Kate and Grace

Okay two people, Kate Middleton and Grace Kelly, both are lovely ladies with the coolest and sophisticated antique rings.

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Kate’s ring was actually chosen by the late princess Diana in 1981. It is a dazzling sapphire halo engagement ring. It shows a representation of the heavens during the nineteenth and eighteenth century. It is super shiny and really huge. It definitely costs a lot of money. Scary if it ever gets lost. Now for Grace, she was given a ruby and diamonds combined. Yet her husband found out that diamonds were a huge trend in Hollywood at that time he made the ring full on diamond. All of these things have a story behind it no matter how small. They were also either past down to one generation to the next, so that’s why it has a lot of sentimental value. It should always be used carefully and properly.

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