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Gold Bangles as a Wedding Gift

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Bangles are ornaments worn by South Asian women in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. It is worn during weddings and festivities. Glass bangles are worn during wedding of the bride and honeymoon ends when the bangles break. Bangles made of silver and gold are also worn by toddlers. In the Hindu society it is considered to be inauspicious to be without a bangle.

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Bangles were documented as early as 2600 BC and were then made of sea shells, coconut material, and grass materials, later on it evolved to silver, gold, and brass during the 6th century. Later on they evolved with patterns and were made out of glass and plastic.

Bangles are circular in shape and unlike bracelets they are not flexible. The word bangle is derived from the Hindi word bungri glass. A special type of Bengali bangle which is substitute for gold which is very costly is made by fixing a thin strip of gold into a brass bracelet followed by manual crafting of the brass bangle by expert craftsmen.

Indian women traditionally wear bangles in pairs. One on each arm, or in pairs of each arm. Women prefer the silver and gold bangles but if they cannot get them then they use the glass bangles especially during weddings.

Bangle designs come in two, one is the cylindrical type and the other is the split type. The primary factor in distinguishing the type is by the use of materials.

lots of bangles

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Factors that determine the pricing of the bangle is also very important. If gold and silver is used with intricate design of diamonds and semi precious or precious stones on it then it is very expensive. Some of the design come also with intricate painting on the bangle especially when the material being used is plastic or glass.

Bangles are ideal gifts to women, as they can easily be matched with formal and casual days and can also be used when working in the office.

The bright colors of the bangle will also enhance the mood of the day for women.

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