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How to Keep Your Diamond Jewellery Safe from Theft

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There’s no doubt about it; all kinds of jewellery is attractive. From sparkling diamond engagement rings to exotic wooden tribal dream catchers, jewellery can definitely enhance both one’s attire and personality. They make the person wearing them more alluring and more beautiful. In addition, they are testaments to a person’s social standing. For instance, during the ancient times, the kind and style of jewellery that was worn by a tribesman indicates his status and rank in his tribe. This cultural practice has even permeated through modern times. If you’re wearing beautiful, sparkling jewellery, then you’re considered to be a classy, confident, sophisticated, and successful person.

diamond jewellery

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But that attraction can put the wearer into great danger. How so? Well, such items of jewellery, especially expensive ones, are shining beacons for those with malicious intent. People who regularly flaunt their beautiful earrings, rings, necklaces, and other precious items fall prey to thieves lurking in the dark. The most vulnerable victims are tourists, but anyone sporting jewellery can be targets.

In the past, petty thieves steal jewellery items that can easily be grabbed such as necklaces and earrings. Today, they have refined their skills so that even tight rings and properly locked bangles can be removed forcibly or without the victim’s knowledge.

However, you don’t have to fall victim to such misfortune. By keeping in mind some simple precautions, you can easily avoid the threat, possibility, and occurrence of theft.

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1. Make sure that each jewellery items is documented. Documentation may consist of official receipts, certifications of authenticity, detailed descriptions from a licensed jeweller, and photographs or videos of the item. Remember that insurance companies are not really eager to pay out claims, and to ensure that they’re rightly paying the claim, they need proper documentation from jewellery owners. Keep the documentation in a safe place.

2. Don’t wear your jewellery in public to discourage thieves from victimizing you. Only wear them in your destination, and even then, make sure that it’s a secure one. For instance, it would be safe to wear your most expensive diamond rings or earrings during a corporate event in an exclusive hotel. It would be a different story altogether if you wear them in the shopping centre, which, even if it’s enclosed, is still a haven for thieves.

3. If you can’t resist wearing jewellery even in public places, then wear artificial ones. Many artificial jewellery pieces look really elegant and beautiful. Keep your real ones in your purse or leave them at home. In that way, if someone does grab your jewellery, you’ll breathe out a sigh of relief knowing that the thief got away with a fake item.

4. Protect your jewellery from theft by keeping them in a hidden pocket in your purse or bag. At home, keep them in hidden jewellery organisers. These organisers look very unassuming, making it unlikely for thieves to find and rummage through it. There are even organisers hide jewellery items in plain sight. A few years ago, I came across an organiser that is shaped like a book. I put my unused jewellery in organiser, close and lock it, and insert it in a row of books in my home library.

5. Secure your jewellery. There are specialised and reputable jewellery insurance policy providers who can help you with this.

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