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Travelling Abroad to Buy Diamonds

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While you are spending your holiday in some exotic corner of the world, you may want to get a ring, necklace, bangle, or some other piece of jewellery for your special someone back home. If you are interested in getting some bespoke jewellery made for your special someone, then you may want to buy precious jewellery there. This can save you money, especially if you are visiting a destination which specialises in trading specific precious gems, metals, and jewellery design.

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There are various destinations around the world that you can go to which have markets which specialize in specific gems. For instance, you can find lots of gold jewellery in West Africa, diamond jewellery in Australia and India, or pearls in Japan or Thailand.

As you can see, the best places to buy precious stones and metals does vary and is not always where you would have thought of going either.


Additional Costs

If you are going on holiday to any of these destinations, then know that the cost of your travel would not be included in the purchase of the materials you are looking to buy. If you are travelling purely to purchase precious metals and stones though, then this may make the purchase quite costly. So, it may be wise to include a holiday itinerary in there, not just purely shopping for jewellery.

There are things that you need to take note to make sure that you are not spending over the odds. One of the biggest factors is the exchange rate, and you will need to work out exactly what you are paying in your destination’s local currency and compare this with what is available at home to make sure it is worth your while. You can get applications for tablet PC’s or smartphone’s which can show you the exact rate of exchange.


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Jewellery Insurance and Duties

If you are buying jewellery such as a diamond engagement ring, then you may need to take out additional insurance to make sure that you are fully covered in the event of loss or theft. Most holiday insurance policies will only cover items up to a certain value. If you pay via a credit card, then this will also give you additional insurance as well.

Another important factor to consider is import duty and taxes which may be charged when taking the goods back to your home country. Some people may be tempted to try their luck and not declare them; they may get away with this, but if they get caught, then they face severe punishment!


Finding a Good Supplier

It is important to find yourself a good supplier that you can trust when making high value purchases of precious stones and metals such as Diamond Queensland in Australia. You will be best of starting the ball rolling in finding one long before you set off on your holiday. Try searching for the items you are looking for using the Internet and also state the specific location you are staying in. This should give you some results of various businesses in the location that you can look at.

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When you have a list of companies to speak to, do a search for feedback from their previous clients. There is usually a forum or website somewhere that people can say how good or bad their experience was that they had when dealing with a particular company. These reviews can be very helpful in making a decision on whom to deal with.

If possible, speak to the companies directly, and tell them your plans and see what they can offer you. Make sure that you are only dealing with reputable companies that have industry accreditation as this should help to make sure that you get a certain level of professionalism in the service that you receive. You will also need to educate yourself in what you are looking to buy to make sure that you know the difference between good and bad quality. If you just take someone’s word for it then you may be getting ripped off.


You can save yourself some money, pick up a nice engagement ring for a good bargain, and have a great holiday as well.

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